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Joedan’s security roller garage doors

Stylish and safe, we have a roller garage door to suit every home..

We supply and install electric roller garage doors all over Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties, from our showrooms in Tewkesbury.  The Joedan high security, roller garage door is a police preferred market leader and is compliant with all European product safety standards.

With its durable powder coated finish over an aluminium base, it will never rust. Thanks to its vertical coiling operation, you will gain significant space inside your garage, on your drive and between pillars.

Secured by design

Tested and approved to the rigorous LPS 1175 burglary resistance standard, the Joedan garage door is certified to resist timed manual attacks that mimic common burglary methods using commercially available tools such as knives, levers and screwdrivers. Operated by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), the UK’s leading independent certification body, the standard is recognised and endorsed by 16 organisations, including the Association of British Insurers and the Association of Chief Police Officers.  A certificate evidencing this would be provided by us at the end of the installation.

Our roller doors are also Police preferred specification. Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’ by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a wide range of products and applications.

white roller garage door

When the door closes it locks down into a sliding block to prevent the door being prised open. Every time you press the button, the code rolls on to another of 14 million options, eliminating the chances of anyone “hacking in”. We use 433 Mhz frequency, which avoids powerful emergency services signals from interfering. You can also operate the door from the receiver unit inside the garage. Can be operated from a minimum of 30 metres away. Maximum range depends on area. Each transmitter is equipped with 4 channels so that other doors or products such as awnings or lighting can be operated from the same button. As it is radio wave controlled, it will operate from your car or from inside your house.

If you are leaving your property vacant for a period of time, such as holiday, you can switch onto Vacation Mode using your remote control key fob. This will render the system dead to any potential intruder trying to operate the door via the control panel.

An auto-light comes on automatically for 2 minutes when you operate the door eliminating fear of anyone lurking. A 90db alarm sounder is built in to our system, activating when the door is forced.

roller garage door in cotswolds

The bottom slat safety transmitter works in conjunction with bottom rubber sensor and guide magnets, constantly monitoring the door’s movements, identifying problems, adhering to all necessary health and safety codes. If there is a person or object blocking the descent of the roller door at any point, then the door will touch that object, stop and immediately retract a little. This is a mandatory requirement in the UK and complies with BSEN 12453-Safety in use of power operated doors. We are fully compliant with this requirement and conform to all the latest Product Performance Standards.

The motor contained within the axle has a safety brake. This stops the roller curtain rolling down of its own accord if the door is left in any intermediary position. In addition, we build a safety spring into the axle where the curtain weight exceeds 26.5kg.  In the very unlikely event of a motor brake failure, this safety spring comes into action and provides a creeping controlled descent rather than the curtain rolling off at an ever increasing speed and crashing to the ground.

In the event of a power cut you can wind up the door manually using the manual override crank rod. We also have an externally lockable solution available should you not be able to access your manual override via a separate entrance door.

half open roller garage door

Each slat is filled with a tough CFC free insulating foam helping to keep your garage cooler in summer, warmer in winter. Guides are brush lined for draught proofing and at the bottom there is a bubble seal to help prevent ingress of water and dust.  The door is made from interlocking 77mm slats which are double skin insulated aluminium and powder coated.

The large 77mm slat featured above, when rolled up takes up only 355mm of head room, whereas the smaller slat, when rolled up, uses only 260mm of head room.

Single phase, tubular, fitted within axle, left or right; we have tried and tested over 20 years, VERY RELIABLE – Normal power supply. Uses only small amounts of power. Very sturdy, heavy duty end-plates don’t move as door lifts and closes. Greater safety and security with maximum anchorage for the axle and coil. Heavy Duty Axle is a special fluted design, 102mm in diameter which prevents the axle from sagging. The specially shaped axle collars allow the door to roll up symmetrically. All the moving points in the door curtain happily roll around the rigid axle providing quiet operation and long life. Double wall extruded aluminium guides are 60mm, 75mm or 90mm wide depending on the width of your door. Can be face fixed to the inside of your garage or reveal fitted between the garage opening.

A special braid holds the roller door together at each end, preventing sideways slat travel. This means that a potential thief cannot break in through attempting to slide out slats. This braid is fixed to both ends on the reverse of the door and the guides are brush lined. Not only do these two very important features help to prevent slats becoming scratched as they roll up and down, they also ensure smoother, quieter operation. The braid also separates one surface of the slat from another, eliminating thousands of hairline abrasions. The surface of our doors therefore stays in pristine condition.

joedan roller garage doors in cheltenham

By eliminating the need for a sub-frame, drive through width and height is maximised. Rising and falling vertically, no “up and over” space is taken up in the drive and the ceiling space inside the garage is clear.

If there is any inherent fault with our product, the offending part or parts will be replaced free of charge. We offer a fully comprehensive 5-year guarantee. Woodgrain finishes are guaranteed for 10 years.

Our door is virtually maintenance free. No painting or greasing up is required. Regular washing with mild detergent solution will keep it in pristine condition. If part of the slatted door is damaged we can supply replacement slats, not the whole curtain, therefore keeping future cost down.


front roller garage door

Our roller garage doors are available in over 15 popular, powder coated, painted colours. As a bespoke service, we can also powder coat our roller garage doors in any RAL colour of your choice, please check for availability and prices.

In addition to our standard colours we also supply a wide range of renolit wood effect finishes.