UltraRoof - Replacement Tiled Roof

An UltraRoof is the latest advancement in home solutions. It is the ideal addition to a conservatory or home extension as a replacement roof or a new project.

UltraRoofs are designed to provide greater thermal efficiency than any other roof on the market and this is done through a tiled solid roof system. In addition to the tiles, UltraRoofs can incorporate glass panels of your choosing, this creates an outdoorsy feel while flooding your space with natural light.

As well as providing a window to the skies, the glass panels add to the thermal efficiency of the conservatory. They provide heat retention and solar reflection to keep you cosy at all times. They are also self-cleaning and very low-maintenance, so you can relax in your conservatory all year round. An UltraRoof will perfectly fit to your extension or conservatory in just a matter of hours and won’t require structural tie bars, regardless of whether you are building or renovating. To find out a little more about UltraRoofs, please browse our site or feel free to contact our friendly team at your nearest showroom.

UltraRoof is today’s most advanced roof on the market.

Being both lightweight and incredibly thermally efficient, UltraRoof is the perfect solution to existing glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs, offering a surplus of insulation in comparison. For a roof replacement, the current roof is initially removed and then any windows and doors are assessed for their structural security. Then your new UltraRoof is put into place. If you choose to replace your windows and doors as well, we can assist with the process and reuse just the conservatory base. Our windows and doors offer high levels of durability, security and can complement your home extension perfectly. If, however, you wish to completely renovate your home extension and change the shape or style of your conservatory, we can of course cover that for you.

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