Stuck between style or security? – Why not have both?

Oct 9, 2018

For the longest time, it often seemed that home owners needed to make a choice, having the home of their dreams in terms of appearance, or one that erred more towards security. Thankfully, following improvements in design, materials and manufacturing processes, products have now begun to appear that mean you no longer have to compromise.

One such area is that of home security. Doors and windows are now available in a wide range of styles, colours and materials that not only allow homeowners in and around Gloucestershire and Wiltshire to achieve the look they want for their homes, but which also offer unrivalled security and protection. Providing important peace of mind, such products are becoming increasingly popular with home owners.

Always wanting to offer our customers the very best, Joedan has created the ‘Extreme Window’. Featuring incredible strength, durability and security, these windows have been recognised by the UK police force’s Secured by Design initiative – an award only given to products that follow the group’s principles of ‘designing out crime’ through processes and physical security. Such products are recognised for their commitment to security – often which has been present from the very beginning.

Featuring cutting-edge designs, as well as market-leading components and locking systems, the ‘Extreme Window’ also boasts an extended warranty. Designed solely to maximise your home’s security, these windows will serve as an incredible deterrent to would-be burgalars.