Transform your home quickly and easily with an incredible new extension!

double bi-fold aluminium doors

Aug 10, 2018

Whereas in the past, building work such as extensions were often messy, expensive and complicated affairs, breakthroughs in technology now mean modern extensions are a completely different experience.

Perhaps the biggest change is that homeowners in and around Gloucestershire and Wiltshire can now view and walk around their proposed extension before they have even decided whether they want it or not! The use of 3D imagery and Virtual Reality means you can view and approve every aspect of your home extension before a single brick has been laid.

Other advantages that breakthroughs in technology have brought include the creation of highly-insulative materials that will keep homes in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire warm and cosy all year round. From improved insulation that keeps out the cold, to glazing that actively uses the Sun’s heat to warm your home, these new materials will help improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Add to this the large selection of affordable and durable materials open to you, as well as the incredible choice of traditional and cutting-edge designs, and you may find yourself struggling to only pick one!

In keeping with the modernisation of materials, techniques and designs, payment methods have also been updated, enabling you to take advantage of a range of flexible, affordable finance options.

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