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Residential UPVC Doors

We provide a wide range of options in UPVC door designs, colours and finishes.

UPVC doors are both long-lasting and cost-effective...

Doors play many important roles, but none bigger than that of your home’s security. A strong, well designed door will significantly improve your home’s security; giving you important peace-of-mind. Featuring toughened frames and multi-locking systems that provide exceptional security, Portofino UPVC doors also boast incredible energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Surpassing the insulation properties of both wood and aluminium, UPVC is non-conductive; meaning your doors will not transfer heat out, and thereby keeping your home warmer for longer for less. Never fading, rotting, or requiring repainting, your new doors will look brand new for many years to come, and require no more maintenance than a quick wipe with a cloth.

Joedan doors are bespoke to you and your home…

Secure Hinge
Featuring unique anti-crowbar technology for added protection, and with 90 degree opening & Egress easy clean as standard.
Dependable Locking
Including an unbeatable multi-point locking system, tested thousands of times to ensure its strength and reliability.
Security Is Key
All our door collections feature unrivalled locking system technology.
Maximum Glazing Comfort
High-performance glazing as standard with airtight compression seals that eliminates draughts and block outside noise.
Whether you’re looking for a classically elegant design or something that exudes modern style we are sure to have the right design for you.
Resilient Design
Our energy-efficient front and back doors help keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer and could save you money on your energy bills.

Create your UPVC door your way…

Doors are crucial to make a great first impression of your home. Our range of UPVC doors certainly bring the kerb appeal and each finishing touch is what makes each door unique to your home.

Colours for both sides of the door frame...

Any panelled Portofino UPVC front or back door is available in a huge range of colours including popular favourites like Golden Oak, Rosewood and White, and you can have matching coloured frames come with them. Take away the panelling and opt for a largely glazed door, and you have a far broader choice of colours to choose from. Adding textured or patterned glass to our Portofino UPVC doors, along with a host of hardware, will also enhance their charm and endear them to the watching world.

Add elegance to your new door...

When buying a Portofino UPVC door, you will be introduced to our extensive hardware suite, which comes in a variety of colours and finishes.

Customise your door and find the perfect choice of handle to fit in with your home’s character.

Quality hardware solutions for your doors...

We’re dedicated to door design and just as devoted to producing attractive, long-lasting hardware solutions for our delectable Portofino UPVC doors. The standard of craftsmanship that goes into each letterbox, locking system and hinge is exceptionally high. You can buy each category of hardware in different finishes so that your chosen furniture fits in with the overall character of the door. The hardware will also contribute to the resilience of the door.

UPVC doors are both long-lasting and cost-effective...

All of our Portofino UPVC doors have fully heat-welded mitred corners and mid rails. The multi-chambered UPVC profile also provides outstanding insulation and an immense standard of heat saving. Optional extras include a restrictor, low threshold for wheelchair access, plus side screens and top lights.

Our Portofino UPVC doors contain all of the very latest safety features. In addition, they also have multiple versatile features, including many practical necessities.

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Don’t forget, when we talk about a new front door, price and value are not the same thing...

Paying out for a new door from Joedan will come with many profitable returns.

Heat loss will be brought to a permanent halt after you have a Portofino UPVC door installed at home. The thermally insulating door frame and energy efficient glass units will see to that. This reduction in heat loss will make a substantial difference to your future energy costs, and the door will also lower your carbon footprint, which can only ever be a good thing for the environment.

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So much more than just design centres

Joedan's regional design centres feature all of our best-selling products - watch our video to find out a little more before booking an appointment to visit us where we can discuss your project in more detail.

Learn more about our UPVC doors

Uncover a wealth of information about Joedan’s UPVC doors, helping you make informed decisions for your home improvement journey.

What are the benefits of choosing a UPVC replacement door?

UPVC doors have a huge audience of admirers and it’s no surprise why.

A UPVC door is a sure-fire winner in the replacement door market, offering a chic internal and external appearance that doesn’t need the hard graft it takes to keep a traditional timber door in an acceptable condition.

Those who have tested out our Portofino UPVC doors in a Design Centre will tell you how durable they are and it’s this durability that puts the mockers on the weather causing any damage to them. The most vicious of storms won’t cause the slightest hint of rusting, fading, warping or water damage. Yes, UPVC doors will stand up to just about anything and come out on top every time.

In true Joedan fashion, customers can customise all elements of their UPVC door design to inject it with some individual personality. Browse our eclectic and ample suites of door hardware, glazing and handles for this purpose.

And, of course, there’s an extensive range of finishes to choose from too, with a palette consisting of different variations of all the most celebrated colours.

Ditch your mobile device or desktop for an in-person visit to a Design Centre to do more than just visualise our UPVC door products and physically realise just how outstanding they are.

How energy-efficient is a UPVC door?

Conserve energy with our fuel-saving UPVC doors.

Your front door plays so many important roles, not least the job of protecting you and your possessions. The merest suggestion that it isn’t secure as it once was or is a cause of perceptible draughts is your trigger to replace it with an energy efficient design.

What an impact it will have on your indoor climate, cutting off the cold and maximising the heat that comes out of your boiler to enormous effect.

Portofino UPVC doors are built using a multi chamber profile and it’s this that ensures that barely any units of energy are wasted.

Take the heat off your boiler system and leave it to one of our UPVC doors to keep the family warm and toasty.

Request a free quote for a replacement door if you know that your existing front door’s best days are behind it.

How much of an impact does the glass used in a UPVC door have?

The energy efficient glass in a UPVC door is integral to its performance.

Front doors set the tone for homes, with the glass within them having some influence over whether people rate or hate a house.

A single-paned door just isn’t sufficient for insulation and will almost certainly be a contributor to any heat loss that occurs at your property. As a standard feature, Joedan’s Portofino UPVC doors are double glazed to assure you of warm and energy efficient home surroundings.

There’s a raft of glazing options available to add decorative artwork to the door, including stained units, bevelled glass, and etched or sandblasted glass. View them in a Design Centre and begin creating a door to be proud of.

What security features do UPVC doors from Joedan have?

Home security needn’t occupy your mind as much after a Joedan UPVC door is in situ.

A happier home life is inevitable when you know that you have a front door protecting you to the hilt. Thieves will use every trick in the book to try and get the better of your door, so it’s vital that it is in absolute prime condition and won’t buckle under pressure or force.

Our design practices are aimed at guaranteeing door safety for buying customers, with each Joedan door encompassing a robust locking mechanism and anti-crowbar technology to ensure burglars have the hardest possible time attempting to force them open.

And if you need more reason to invest your money in a Portofino UPVC door, how do you like the idea of hardly ever needing to clean the design? We thought that might earn your approval!

Please, inform us if you want to know anything else about these market-leading designs or are raring to get on with creating your own.

What options are available for UPVC doors from Joedan? Can I design my perfect door?

It will be you who’s the architect of your new UPVC door desi