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UPVC Casement Windows

Hinged at the side and opening like a door, replacement casement windows can be opened fully from top to bottom; providing excellent natural ventilation and light.

Simple and stylish, UPVC casement windows have always been a firm favourite.

The functionality of Joedan’s casement windows does not end there, with their single levers or tandem latches ensuring they are incredibly easy to open and close. Casement windows offer incredible insulation because the airtight seal of the design is so effective at preventing heat from escaping. As such, the professional installation of these windows is one of the best ways you can most effectively insulate your home.

Suitable for all types of properties...

As with all our windows, these windows feature the very best, most secure locking mechanisms and durable finishes; resulting in windows that are inaccessible from the outside. Understanding the balance between the need for cheap casement windows and ones that are secure and well made, we strive to reduce costs while never compromising on quality or design.

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Open your casement window your way...

Casement windows provide homeowners with various options for opening and operating them. At Joedan, we understand the importance of offering choices that suit diverse preferences and lifestyle needs.

Our casement windows offer flexible operation methods tailored to your convenience and requirements. You can open them traditionally from the side, much like a door, allowing for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning.

Alternatively, top-hinged casement windows open outward from the top, preventing rain from entering while providing ventilation. Bottom-hinged options pivot from the bottom, offering controlled airflow without protruding into your living space.

Casement UPVC windows bespoke to you

Once you have made a decision on your chosen window style, the fun can really begin. Choose from our wide selection of colours, glazing options and intricate hardware to customise your windows to your complement the look of your home.

An inspiring assortment of colours...

Looking for a standard colour that will remain on-trend always? We will always stock classic white UPVC windows, because they are classic for a reason. However, if you are looking for a colour that is unique and modern, we have a wide collection of colours, such as Chartwell Green, which sits alongside finishes of Irish Oak and Grey perfectly.

Handles and window furniture

You can further personalise your UPVC windows by choosing different handle colours and designs. We offer a great range of modern handles in contemporary and traditional colours. The finish of our handles is hard wearing and designed to last.

We can also fit more traditional furniture to your new UPVC windows, where it is essential to keep a period look to your property. Our windows can be fitted with ‘monkey tail’ traditional handles, to replicate the authentic look of a timber casement window.

Inline Window Handles

Choose your glass & glazing…

Joedan UPVC windows are fitted with superior specification glass as standard. We use Low Emissivity in both double and triple glazed options. Low E or ‘soft coat’ glass reflects heat back into the home keeping it warmer and reducing energy bills. Other standard features include ‘warm edge’ spacer bars and Argon Gas sealed units. Where windows suffer from direct sunlight and heat during the summer, we can fit special heat reflective sealed units to regulate the temperature of different rooms.

As well as standard sealed units, we also offer different options such as toughened glass and laminated glass where safety and security are paramount. In addition to standard clear glass, you can choose from a range of different obscure glass options for bathrooms and windows where privacy is important.

Finishing touches tailored to your home…

Our UPVC windows can be specified with a wide range of options designed to add that finishing touch to your home. We offer different sizes and colours of Georgian Bars. You might decide to have leadwork applied to the glass in virtually any design format to suit your taste.

We also offer a bespoke window option whereby we can either replicate the traditional style of your old glass units or have a bespoke design with colours and leadwork made specially for you. This is a great option for older homes or properties in a row of houses that have a particular design of glass that needs to be retained. Ask our sales department for details regarding bespoke glass designs.

Portofino UPVC Cottage Windows
Discover affordable luxury for your home…

With a focus on quality materials, superior design, and attentive customer service, we strive to exceed expectations while making luxury home improvements attainable for every budget.

Reasons to choose Portofino UPVC windows…

More Glass Less Frame

Double Glazing

Our Portofino UPVC windows feature double glazing technology, providing enhanced insulation and soundproofing for your home. Enjoy a quieter, more comfortable living space while reducing energy costs.

Thermal Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Portofino UPVC windows are designed to maximise energy efficiency, helping you save on heating and cooling costs. Enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment while reducing your carbon footprint.

Maximum Security

Maximum Security

Your security is our priority. Portofino UPVC windows feature advanced locking mechanisms and robust construction, providing maximum security and peace of mind for you and your family.

Strength & Durability

Strength & Durability

Built to withstand the test of time, Portofino UPVC windows offer exceptional strength and durability. With high-quality materials and precision engineering, our windows provide long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Maximum Comfort

Maximum Comfort

Experience maximum comfort with Portofino UPVC windows. With superior insulation and noise reduction properties, our windows create a cosy and tranquil atmosphere in your home.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Say goodbye to tedious maintenance routines. Portofino UPVC windows are easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking like new for years to come. Enjoy hassle-free window care and more time for the things you love.

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More energy efficient...

Our UPVC casement windows are designed to maximise energy efficiency, helping you reduce your home’s carbon footprint and save on heating and cooling costs. With advanced insulation technology, our windows minimise heat transfer, keeping your home comfortable year-round while lowering your energy bills.

By incorporating UPVC casement windows into your home, you can enjoy improved thermal performance and enhanced energy savings. Say goodbye to draughts and temperature fluctuations, and hello to a more sustainable and cost-effective living environment. Investing in UPVC casement windows is not only a smart choice for your wallet but also for the planet.

Keep your home safe & secure...

UPVC casement windows provide an unparalleled level of security for your home, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family. Engineered with robust materials and state-of-the-art locking mechanisms, our casement windows offer maximum protection against intruders and unauthorised access.

Investing in UPVC casement windows is an investment in the safety and security of your home. Rest easy knowing that your home is safeguarded by windows designed to withstand the toughest security challenges.

Reduce unwanted noise...

Experience tranquillity and serenity in your home with UPVC casement windows renowned for their exceptional sound-insulating qualities. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our windows act as a barrier against exterior noise, creating a peaceful and quiet indoors.

Choose UPVC casement windows to enjoy a quieter, more peaceful home environment where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Experience the difference in sound insulation with our premium-quality windows because your comfort matters to us.

Explore our flush casement windows

This beautiful new design gives the exterior a flush appearance, so it sits flush with the face of the window, rather than standing proud. Quality craftsmanship never goes out of fashion. Flush windows are a true declaration of style.

Learn more about our UPVC casement windows

UPVC casement windows from Joedan are guaranteed to transform your home. If you have any questions about our window range our experts are on hand to help you create your perfect replacement windows. We’ve also answered some of the most common questions we get asked below to help you decide if casement windows are right for you.

What are casement windows?

You open a casement window at the side to draw in ventilation.

The casement window is one of the best-known window styles amongst people living in Southern England and is affixed to the frame by one or more side hinges. Ordinarily, a casement window is single paned and it can be tailored to suit most desired configurations, property types and home habitats.

Residents in areas like Bournemouth, Tewkesbury and Winchester rate the versatility of a casement window as one of its finest traits. With an outward opening, you can use a casement design to maximise both light and ventilation whilst still maintaining necessary levels of energy efficiency and security.

For dependability, there are few replacement windows as reliable as Portofino UPVC casement windows, so they can be purchased with uttermost confidence.

Why choose casement windows?

Casement windows are so multifaceted and need minimal upkeep.

It doesn’t take much understanding to realise why casement windows are so often selected as replacement windows once familiar with their energy-saving features. They’re also easily operational and maintenance of their classic design will occupy very little of your time.

The generously wide opening of a casement window is a godsend in summer when you need to entice outdoor air internally to keep the house temperature cool. There’s also a horizontal opening and vertical opening sections to exploit.

Invaluable for ventilation, casement windows are indispensable for thermal insulation too. Portofino UPVC casement windows really do cover all bases and are exceptionally good at retaining heat so that you never go cold.
The look of a casement window is as impressive as how it functions, and you can personalise it to the very last detail. Trust in Joedan to match casement windows to whatever house style you own.

Itching to buy or find out more about our Portofino UPVC casement windows? Speak to our window advisors who will be happy to assist and take any questions.

How can I customise my replacement windows?

We don’t do ordinary at Joedan – you deserve the most extraordinary window replacements.

The only person who will determine how your new replacement windows look and perform is you! Joedan will offer all the advice you need, but ultimately, every design choice is down to you to decide. You’re blessed with so many options, including an exciting array of coloured finishes, glazing, and hardware.

To go down the traditional route, a classic casement window will feature a white woodgrain finish, or something equally as customary, but if you have a modernist mindset, anthracite grey and chartwell green are befitting of the present-day.

Pair your selected finish with glazing and hardware that brings the whole design together for a truly personalised aesthetic. We utilise energy efficient glass in all our replacement windows, however, you can request the inclusion of privacy or frosted glass.

The hardware elements of the window will be pivotal, no more so than the handles used. Monkeytail handles are inspired by 19th century ironmongery, or you have a large suite of modern handles to inspect and scrutinise.

As we like to remind all customers, Joedan has a fabulous team of people to help you with your replacement window shopping. Meet them at your local Design Centre and introduce yourself to our window products.

How long will my casement windows last?

Window maintenance only needs to be an infrequent task and will preserve our stylish designs.

Anticipate our casement windows offering years and years of enduring benefits without relentless upkeep. It’s the precision engineering implemented during the manufacturing of our designs that instils resilience within their frames and ensures they can resist weather of all kinds. So that you can buy them with confidence, Joedan’s casement windows are issued with a 10-year guarantee.

There are some small bits of light maintenance you can carry out to protect your windows against premature ageing and fight off wear and tear so that neither blight your investment.

From time to time, clean down the window frames and glazed area of the design with some warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Monitor the tracks to check for any build-up of debris or dirt, removing it accordingly.

As soon as the windows have dried and are clean again, scan the windows for any type of damage and monitor the seals too. Upon the discovery of any issues, contact Joedan immediately, who will advise a solution and remedy them quickly in accordance with our first-class aftercare service.

Touch and feel the quality – Joedan Design Centres

We strongly believe you should be able to see and try your aluminium windows and doors before you decide to buy. Our local Design Centres allow private viewings where you will have the full attention of an experienced advisor. They will demonstrate the products and answer all of your questions, and you are able to feel and operate the systems for yourself, as if they were installed in your own home.

Tewkesbury Design Centre

Tewkesbury Design Centre

Our flagship Design Centre and home to our headquarters, main offices and manufacturing facilities. Here you will find all of our products including aluminium windows and doors, bi-folding doors and sliding patio doors.

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Joedan Windows & Doors Design Centre

Newport Design Centre

A purpose built Design Centre on the Isle of Wight features many products by Joedan. We display a vast range of aluminium windows & doors, UPVC windows & doors including our latest featured doors.

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