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Stuck between style or security? – Why not have both?

23rd October 2019

For the longest time, it often seemed that home owners needed to make a choice, having the home of their dreams in terms of appearance, or one that erred more towards security. Thankfully, following improvements in design, materials and manufacturing processes, products have now begun to appear that mean you no longer have to compromise....

Condensation – an old adversary

23rd October 2019

With the colder weather creeping in, the difference in temperature inside and outside our homes is increasing. Of course, the colder it gets, the warmer we want our homes to be. However, this can lead to the formation of condensation. Often found on the inside of surfaces such as windows, condensation is created when there...

Secure Cotswolds Homes Through Better Home Improvements

22nd October 2019

When we think about the security of our homes, we often focus on alarm systems – is it connected to the local police? Is it loud enough? Etc. However, less thought is often given to the quality of the windows and doors in our homes. This is a mistake as it is of course through...

Just moved in your new home? Congratulations!

22nd October 2019

Have you just bought your first property, or maybe you have recently moved up the property ladder? Either way, you are now in your new home and everything is perfect, right? Chances are, not. This is because most of us when moving into a new home, do so with a vision of how we want...

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