3 Methods Of Drawing More Natural Light Indoors

3 ways of drawing more natural light into a property

It won’t have escaped your attention just how much more bright, spacious and inviting your home feels when natural light pours into it, and how it also has the power to elevate your mood.

With that in mind and factoring in that the clocks will be going forward at the end of the month, you need to get your home prepared so that it takes full advantage of the extra hours of sunlight we’ll be receiving over the coming months.

A few smart moves around the place will make it feel as welcoming as it’s ever been.

Joedan has three top tips on how to entice the sun right into the heart of your home.

Get Lusso aluminium windows fitted

Your windows offer the sun a route indoors, but most windows have quite chunky frames, especially when you compare them to our Lusso aluminium windows, which have the slenderest frames imaginable.

Glazing takes up almost the entirety of their design, allowing for more light to pass through them than a typical window offering, whilst also giving you a fantastic external view.

Aluminium frames have strength and durability and are perfect for all weather conditions.

Once they’ve been fitted, your interior will be lighter than it’s ever been.

Lusso aluminium windows

Carry out some outdoor maintenance

Don’t overlook your garden and outdoor surroundings as they both have a major role to play in ensuring your home receives enough light.

Cut back any overgrown trees, bushes and plants located close to your windows and doors that may be proving an obstacle against the sun and stopping it from making an appearance.

The difference this makes will be vast.

The inside of an extension

Use mirrors

Positioned in the right places, mirrors can not only make rooms feel bigger than they are in reality, but also fill them with light as they reflect light, rather than absorb it.

Larger mirrors work best for this and should be hung on a wall close to a window, preferably adjacent to or opposite it.

You can use smaller mirrors, but when doing so they’ll have the greatest impact when they are used in groupings, and again, near a major light source.

A round mirror on a wall

It’s time for you to spring into action and use our experience and products like our Lusso aluminium windows to create a sunnier home. Get in touch today – we’re ready to help!

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