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Joedan aftercare service

Once your installation is complete, your relationship with Joedan Windows & Doors has only just begun. Our dedicated aftersales department will continue to look after your products for as long as they remain yours.

Care & contact

At Joedan all telephone calls are received by our dedicated receptionists and forwarded to the appropriate office or department dependent on your needs. We do not employ call centres or multiple choice phone systems, and you will be able to speak to a real member of staff quickly and without hassle.

Service calls

All of our regional offices have their own dedicated service staff. Should you have any problems with any of your products you can easily speak to an experienced service engineer who will be more than happy to help you. If the matter cannot be resolved over the phone, we will arrange a free service call to your home at a time that is convenient to you, in order to assess and rectify any issues.

Good clean fun

All products will need some minimal cleaning in order to maintain their appearance. Joedan windows and doors, and in particular our aluminium ranges require very little in the way of maintenance. Usually it’s just a case of asking your window cleaner to use mild soapy water on the frames and glass and then rinsed off in nice fresh clean water. However, all customers receive a comprehensive care booklet with their new products giving advice about cleaning and maintenance as standard.


Condensation is a natural phenomenon that occurs when water vapour in the air comes into contact with colder surfaces such as glass, mirrors or tiles. These days with improvements in the way we heat and ventilate our homes, and with the high heat-retaining properties of modern windows and glass, condensation rarely occurs. In fact sometimes you can witness condensation on the outside pane of your new window glass. This is simply a sign your products are working perfectly, as they are not allowing the warmth in your home to escape through the double glazed sealed unit. You can find out more about condensation in the care and maintenance booklet given to new customers.

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