Lusso Aluminium Windows

Lusso Aluminium Windows are seen by many as the perfect combination of modern materials and classic, functional styling.

The unrivalled strength, durability, and design flexibility of aluminium has made it an increasingly popular choice for window frames. These great benefits, combined with incredible affordability, means more and more homeowners in Gloucester & Cheltenham are choosing aluminium replacement windows. Easily tailored to meet any window design, the strength of aluminium means frames can be made much thinner than with other materials. Such sleek frames enable more glass to be used, which in turn allows more natural light to enter your home.

Understanding the importance of choice, our Lusso aluminium frames come in a variety of styles, colours, and finishes. Available in almost any colour you want, our Lusso aluminium frames undergo an extensive 11-stage powder-coating process. This results in an incredibly deep, rich finish, and one which will continue to endure for many years. Such freedom of choice means we can also offer incredibly realistic woodgrain frames. Such finishes, including Walnut, Rosewood, and Rich Oak, enable homeowners to keep the traditional look of timber frames, while benefiting from modern levels of insulation and security at the same time.

We take the stress out of buying new windows...

Your existing windows may have been a part of your property since it was originally constructed or at least for a considerable amount of time, so it won’t be an easy task to replace them. Any replacement windows need to preserve the character of the house and be in keeping with the current style of windows you have. But, don’t be daunted by such an undertaking! Joedan has extensive expertise in windows, so we can help you make the right decisions, and our window range couldn’t be more impressive.

Functionality – The appearance of any new windows will, of course, be important, but you also need new windows that function exactly how you prefer them to. Operating each of our window styles at Joedan is the most obvious way of determining whether you’d like your new windows to open from the side or top, vertically slide, or tilt and turn. Put them all to the test until you find a window functionality you’re comfortable with.

Guarantee – As a token of our appreciation for buying new from windows from Joedan, and to emphasise their lasting quality, you will be provided with a 10 year guarantee. This guarantee leaves you covered in the event of one of your new windows failing, though we’re confident you won’t experience any issues. The guarantee also states that occasionally some small remedial adjustments might be required at some point. 

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