The unrivalled strength, durability, and design flexibility of aluminium has made it an increasingly popular choice for window frames.

The great benefits, combined with incredible affordability, means more and more homeowners are choosing aluminium replacement windows. Easily tailored to meet any window design, the strength of aluminium means frames can be made much thinner than with other materials. Such sleek frames enable more glass to be used, which in turn allows more natural light to enter your home.

Lusso Aluminium Windows

Understanding the importance of choice, our Lusso aluminium frames come in a variety of styles, colours, and finishes. Available in almost any colour you want, our Lusso aluminium frames undergo an extensive 11-stage powder-coating process.

One of the main purposes of a window is to give you a stunning view. Ensure your home is full of natural light and bring your vision to life with our exceptional variety of glass options.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows
Lusso Aluminium Windows


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Lusso Aluminium Windows

With so many remarkable features, our Lusso Aluminium Windows provide unparalleled style and excellent performance.

Explore the adjacent hotspots to learn more about the exceptional qualities that our Lusso Aluminium Windows possess.

Lusso Aluminim Windows


Our highly engineered hinge provides increased load bearing and features unique anti-crowbar technology, providing a lifetime of protection and reassurance. With 90 degree opening and Egress easy clean as standard, window maintenance has never been so simple.


High performance, next generation glass offers excellent energy efficiency. With an ultra-clear outer pane, and a super soft coat inner pane as standard.


A true declaration of style. Our low density, slimline frames are perfect for a clean, modern appearance, but are also built with the strength to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.


The sophisticated multi-point lock within the Envisage system ensures the window is fully secure when locked. Featuring our patented ‘Secure It’ mechanism, the window was tested over 30,000 times during the development stage.

Weather Seal

Dual density and high elasticity for twice the coverage of standard windows. The flush casement range boasts long lasting airtight protection from the elements and added noise reduction.

Maximise your view

Despite aluminium being so tough, it can be easily moulded, which explains why Lusso Aluminium Windows have such slender sightlines in comparison to windows made from other materials.

Therefore, they are capable of housing large expanses of glass so you can make the most of stunning views and natural light in your home.

Pebble Grey Aluminium Windows


You will have the freedom to take control of the design of our striking Lusso Aluminium Windows. We can provide varied options and inspiration based on our experience, but you will make the final decision.

Joedan concentrates hard on its varied coloured offerings...

If you rewind back to the 1980’s, aluminium windows would only traditionally have silver coloured frames, but nowadays aluminium windows come in all sorts of colours, which will help you find the right shade for your home. The quality of our Lusso aluminium finishes can be put down to the unique powder-coating process we use to apply the chosen colour to the window frame – it makes it rich and interesting.

Provided with a 10 year guarantee, you will never have to retouch or repaint the finish, and you can have a dual-coloured frame if you want contrasting gloss, matt or satin finishes inside and outside.

The glass is one of the most vital finishing touches…

Because of where they will be situated and positioned, certain windows might benefit from privacy glazing. Joedan has several forms of privacy glazing available which will offer differing degrees of privacy and various patterns. Our ‘Minster’ glass has a privacy level 2, with our ‘Cotswold’ glass providing a privacy level of 5. Satin is popular amongst fans of contemporary windows, while traditionalists usually vote in favour of Sycamore or Everglade.

Get to grips with our hardware

Each handle is made with undisputed care and precision by our patient craftsmen to ensure your windows are opening, closing and locking as they should.

We have a diverse assortment of styles in our collection of hardware. Go for something traditional or classic, whatever fits in with your style.

Inline Window Handles

We take the stress out of finding replacement aluminium windows. We have extensive expertise in all things windows, so we can help you make the right decisions, and our window range couldn’t be more impressive. Consider these key elements before choosing your windows.

Functionality –  Trying each of our window styles at one of our Design Centres is the best way of deciding which of our aluminium windows will work best for you home. Decide if you want your new windows to open from the side or top, vertically slide, or tilt and turn.

Guarantee – To give you complete peace of mind each of our windows comes with a 10 year guarantee. This guarantee leaves you covered in the event of one of your new windows failing, though we’re confident you won’t experience any issues.

Eclipse Aluminium Windows


Looking to replace your existing windows with our luxurious aluminium frames? Discover our range and learn more about how these windows can transform your home. If you have any questions about our window range, our team are on hand to help.

What are the differences between Aluminium & UPVC windows?

Aluminium and UPVC windows – two very different solutions.

The two leading forms of window replacements are aluminium windows and UPVC windows. Both solutions have a lot to offer your home and are built using modern technology.

They look poles apart, with aluminium window frames being sleeker than UPVC equivalents, which for some makes them better suited for contemporary applications. UPVC windows do have a stylishness of their own though and cost a little less.

It’s an aluminium window’s powder-coated finish that makes its colour so rich and full of texture on this most robust material. Whilst UPVC-based finishes are administered in a different way and don’t quite share the same visual characteristics, they will still also endure for a lifetime.

What glazing options are available for aluminium frames?

Double and triple glazing are the main glazing options for aluminium frames.

Each of the glazing options that we have at Joedan will supplement the high performance of our Lusso aluminium window frames and reduce the audibility of external noise.

The most popularly chosen glass types are double and triple glazing, a major upgrade compared to single glazed windows, promising a vast uplift in energy efficiency indoors, keeping you warmer at a lesser cost.

Decorative glass, such as patterned, leaded, or stained glass, can also fill the trim aluminium frame, and we have privacy glazing to obscure the view for window installations in areas like bathrooms or for rooms that are overlooked by other houses.

How long do aluminium windows last?

Aluminium is one of earth’s most durable and long-lasting materials, not prone to corrosion, discolouration, warping or displaying any other signs of wear and tear.

Our GGF backed guarantee rewards you with 10 years of product cover, but it’s not unusual for our aluminium window designs to exceed their life expectancy and retain their good looks and superior performance beyond a decade.

Joedan’s teams of installers fit the windows to the industry’s stringent guidelines, following them to the letter, and these windows only need a little amount of routine maintenance over the 10 years or more, which neatly takes us on to the next section.

How do you care for aluminium windows?

Window maintenance made easy.

You have better things to be doing with your time than caring for your windows and it takes hardly any time or effort to keep aluminium windows clean.

They will naturally get dirty but getting rid of any dirt off the frames only needs some warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe it away. Use a separate cloth to then dry them down and bring them back to a glorious shine.

Any dust that gathers in the moving parts of the window can be removed with a small brush so that they don’t stick or feel stiff when being opened or closed.

What should I bring to my window appointment?

Coming to a design appointment prepared will help us find your perfect replacement aluminium window.

The advisor at your design appointment will be interested to know the specifics of your window requirements so that they can create an aluminium window solution that matches the needs of your home.

Measuring up your windows before you sit down to talk us through everything is a useful thing to do as knowing the relevant sizes will enable us to price up a more accurate quote.

If you need instructions on how to measure windows, contact Joedan ahead of the appointment and we’ll give you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide. Rough measurements will suffice as one of our installers will measure up properly at your house prior to the order being finalised.


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