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Lusso French Aluminium Windows

French thermal aluminium windows by Joedan. Seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor spaces with easy access to patios, gardens and balconies.

Practical and stylish French aluminium window solutions

French windows offer a great many benefits such as allowing easier escape in the event of fire. The ability to open the entire window space means you can make the most of the view from your home, whether it is of your own garden or spectacular scenery beyond.

When fitted into kitchens, they allow food and condiments to be passed easily and quickly from the home to the garden, courtyard or conservatory.

Joedan Lusso aluminium French windows can be opened wide, allowing for excellent ventilation and fresh air circulation throughout the room without hindrance.

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Modern design and wide opening aluminium French windows

Also known as ‘floating mullion’, the French aluminium window is cleverly engineered to give a totally unrestricted view when both sashes are open. The central mullion appears to float as the window opens, leaving a wide open uninterrupted space.

The aesthetic appeal, functionality, and overall charm of French aluminiumwindows can contribute to an increase in the resale value of a home, making them a valuable investment for homeowners. Our Lusso aluminium window range is available in a fantastic choice of marine spec powder coated colours and dual colours as standard.

French aluminium windows bespoke to you

Joedan’s aluminium windows are made bespoke for you, with a range of options and colours to choose from.

Choose your own frame colour

We keep a ‘house’ range of standard colours in stock all of the time. These are our most popular and requested colours by our customers. They include anthracite grey and gloss white, as well as black and pebble grey. You can also specify house colours in a dual option at no extra cost i.e Anthracite outer frames and White inner frames.

However, we have a special order option that allows you to specify virtually any RAL colour that you like for your windows. Special orders allow you to tailor your home with bespoke coloured frames both inside and out (dual colour). Please contact our sales department for more information and quotations for bespoke colours.

Handles and window furniture

You can further personalise your aluminium windows by choosing different handle colours and designs. We offer a great range of modern handles in contemporary and traditional colours. The finish of our handles is hard wearing and designed to last.

We can also fit more traditional furniture to your new aluminium windows, where it is essential to keep a period look to your property. Our windows can be fitted with ‘monkey tail’ traditional handles, to replicate the authentic look of a timber casement window.

Choose your glass & glazing

Joedan aluminium windows are fitted with superior specification glass as standard. We use Low Emissivity in both double and triple glazed options. Low E or ‘soft coat’ glass reflects heat back into the home keeping it warmer and reducing energy bills. Other standard features include ‘warm edge’ spacer bars and Argon Gas sealed units. Where windows suffer from direct sunlight and heat during the summer, we can fit special heat reflective sealed units to regulate the temperature of different rooms.

As well as standard sealed units, we also offer different options such as toughened glass and laminated glass where safety and security are paramount. In addition to standard clear glass, you can choose from a range of different obscure glass options for bathrooms and windows where privacy is important.

Finishing touches tailored to your home…

Our aluminium windows can be specified with a wide range of options designed to add that finishing touch to your home. We offer different sizes and colours of Georgian Bars. You might decide to have leadwork applied to the glass in virtually any design format to suit your taste.

We also offer a bespoke window option whereby we can either replicate the traditional style of your old glass units or have a bespoke design with colours and leadwork made specially for you. This is a great option for older homes or properties in a row of houses that have a particular design of glass that needs to be retained. Ask our sales department for details regarding bespoke glass designs.

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A Casement Range Specifications

Joedan Windows & Doors - Technical Data Sheets

B Casement Range Specifications

Joedan Windows & Doors - Technical Data Sheets

Flush Casement Range Specifications

Joedan Windows & Doors - Technical Data Sheets

Slimline Casement Range Specifications

Joedan Windows & Doors - Technical Data Sheets

Tilt & Turn Specifications

Joedan Windows & Doors - Technical Data Sheets

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Discover affordable luxury for your home…

With a focus on quality materials, superior design, and attentive customer service, we strive to exceed expectations while making luxury home improvements attainable for every budget.

Reasons to choose Joedan aluminium windows…

More Glass Less Frame

More Glass, Less Frame

Joedan’s aluminium windows inherent strength allows for thinner frames, maximizing glass area, enhancing views, and increasing natural light, making spaces feel larger.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal Efficiency

Joedan aluminium windows feature thick thermal barriers to prevent heat transfer. Meaning excellent insulation and energy efficiency, reducing heating costs effectively.

Maximum Security

Maximum Security

Aluminium windows are naturally strong and resistant to force. Combined with our advanced locking systems, they provide robust security against intrusions and break-ins.

Strength & Durability

Strength & Durability

Aluminium’s innate strength and corrosion resistance make windows durable, withstanding weathering and maintaining structural integrity. Ensuring long-lasting performance.

Maximum Comfort

Maximum Comfort

Joedan’s Lusso windows are totally draft proof and fully insulated. Our windows will keep you and your home warm and dry through the worst of the British weather, year after year.

Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Our aluminium windows will not warp or twist like other window materials. They feature wipe-clean powder coated paint which will never need repairing or renewing.

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Aluminium French windows are more energy efficient...

Joedan aluminium French windows excel in energy efficiency primarily due to their unique combination of properties and manufacturing advancements. Slim frames enable larger glass panes, which not only enhance natural light intake but also minimise the amount of heat transfer through the frames, reducing energy loss. Thick thermal barriers reduce heat loss which keeps your home warmer and reduces energy bills.

Keep your home safe & secure with aluminium French windows...

Joedan aluminium French windows are an excellent choice for enhancing the safety and security of your home due to their robust construction and modern features. The inherent strength of aluminium makes it highly resistant to forced entry, providing a sturdy barrier against intruders. Additionally, our aluminium windows are equipped with advanced locking mechanisms and hardware, further enhancing the security of your property.