Joedan Is A GGF Member – Why This Matters To You

It’s understandable for you to have a slight feeling of reservation when you invite a home improvement company, to enhance your property for the first time.

GGF Safe Guide for Homeowners

But there’s honestly no need for any nerves when it comes to Joedan fitting out your home with new windows and doors as we have been doing it for more than 30 years now, and we have loads of glowing customer testimonials. 

To further put your mind at rest, Joedan is a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation, the industry’s main authority and most-respected trade body, one that’s endorsed by the Government.

Being a certified member of the GGF means having  to pass a strict vetting process, along with other eligibility criteria, proving to its assessors that we work to the high standards expected of every GGF-sanctioned company.

These standards have to be maintained by our team, otherwise we run the risk of having our membership revoked. This is all outlined in a specific code of conduct that GGF installers must follow and abide by, which includes a demand that any work carried out at the home of a customer has to comply with current rules and regulations.

It’s uncommon for a customer to be left disappointed by the work provided by Joedan, or any other GGF installer, but if you do feel that an installation falls short of the expected standard, the GGF provides a conciliation service.

Independent and impartial, the service exists to resolve any disputes that arise between a customer and a member company.

We should add to this that we are also members of FENSA, a GGF Group Company.

It is only through a FENSA member that you will get a FENSA certificate for a window or door installation, a required document when selling a property.

Put your confidence in Joedan and we will repay that confidence with quality service and a first-class installation. Obtain a FREE quote to get started.

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