How To Make Your Windows And Doors Look Spook-tacular For Halloween

Spooktacular decorations for your home

October is quickly creeping up on us and it can only mean one thing – Halloween is just around the corner.

Why not get into the Halloween spirit and dress your home for the occasion.

It doesn’t need masses of effort and expense to do it, unless you really want to spook out the neighbours and the “trick or treaters”?

A few little touches to your windows and doors will be sufficient enough to make your house look ‘fangtastic’ for Halloween and give people ‘pumpkin’ to talk about.

Display an autumnal wreath 

Why wait until Christmas to put a wreath on your front door? It’s becoming popular to hang door wreaths outside this festive period and include other seasons such as autumn.

If you have lots of fallen leaves outside your house, you could attempt to make your own wreath using autumnal coloured leaves and some wire, or take the cheat option and shop for one online.

Autumnal wreath

Create an eerie entrance

No Halloween is complete without pumpkins, so why not have a pair of them sitting on either side of your front door, carved by the kids.

Rather than just get them from the supermarket, visit a local pumpkin patch (there’s plenty of these around) and pick some out.

Find a scary stencil design for carving, taping it over the pumpkin and using a small serrated knife to cut out the relevant sections. Pop battery-powered tea lights into the pumpkins to show off your handiwork.

As a finishing touch, roll out a Halloween-inspired doormat, carrying a message of ‘Hey, Pumpkin!’ or a more sinister, ‘Turn Back Now’.

Pumpkin patch

Light up your windows

Make your windows un-boo-lievably striking at night with some red and orange coloured string lights around their frames.

Complement them by adding fairy lights in some jars, placing them on your window sills giving your living area a wonderfully cosy feel as you sit in and watch your favourite Halloween films, like Beetlejuice or Ghostbusters.

Lights around windows

If you feel draughts coming through your windows when decorating them, or your front door looks in bad shape, contact Joedan about getting replacement energy efficient windows and doors fitted here.

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