Top tips to make your home feel bigger

After being stuck inside our homes for the last few months you may be feeling like the walls are closing in on you, and are calling for some more space. With the whole family at home having some time for yourself to escape the chaos is more important now than ever. As most of us don’t have the luxury to make more physical space at home, we are offering some top tips to make your home feel bigger than it is.

Tip 1 – Light

Tip 1 - Top Tips to make your home feel bigger                                                                                                                                        

As a lot of us have been working from home we are all missing the opportunity of getting outside and enjoying the sunlight. Updating your window can be a great way of adding more natural light to your home. Proven to relieve stress and enhance your mood natural sunlight can do wonders for making you feel happier in your home. By making your space light and open it gives the appearance of being larger than it is.



Tip  2 – Storage and cleaning up the clutter

Tip 2 - Top Tips to make your home feel bigger

Whilst we are all focusing on keeping our families and homes as clean as possible, keeping it tidy and clutter-free is a different story. Keeping key surfaces in your home free from unnecessary items will help make the whole room feel bigger and more relaxing for you to be in. Everyone has their own method for decluttering, but for those of us who can’t seem to let go of anything, smart storage option are going to be best for you.



Tip 3 – Rearrange the furniture

Tip 3 - Top Tips to make your home feel bigger

It’s easy to start feeling bored with the way your home is looking after spending so much more time there. Freshening up the look of your room can make it feel less stuffy and closed in. To make the room feel as large as possible try and have your furniture along the walls leaving space in the middle of the room. This gives you more room to spend time and have fun with your family.


Tip 4 – Mirrors

Tip 4 - Top Tips to make your home feel bigger

Creating an optical illusion by adding a mirror angled at a focal point of the room will give the appearance of depth. Reflecting both natural and artificial light it will make it appear brighter during the day and night. This bouncing light with make the room look and feel larger giving you a nice area to relax.



Tip 5 – Open your home up

Tip 5 - How to make your home feel bigger

The summer months are the best time to open up your home and let some fresh air in. Adding French or Bi-folding doors to your home will help draw your eye past the end of the room into your garden making the whole space flow as one. Letting you enjoy a breeze inside whilst keeping an eye of your family whilst they play outside.





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