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When we think about the security of our homes, we often focus on alarm systems – is it connected to the local police? Is it loud enough? Etc. However, less thought is often given to the quality of the windows and doors in our homes. This is a mistake as it is of course through windows and doors that most burglars gain access to your home.

Flush Casement Windows Lock Detail

To help with this, Joedan Home Improvements offers a wide range of doors and windows that have been specifically designed to keep your family and the contents of your home safe and secure. Before deciding on a window or door, there are various things you are recommended to consider, including the local crime rate in the area of Gloucestershire you are living, and whether the doors and windows you want have been tested and approved by relevant authorities or not.

Of course, when making your decision, you should also consider what is in your home in terms of valuables. The more expensive items you have, such as jewelry and expensive electrical goods, the more desirable your home becomes to thieves.

One of the easiest and safest ways to check the quality of the security of doors and windows is to look for a recognised seal of approval. To help you, we have identified 3 of the most common and respected:

British Standard

The British Standard kitemark is perhaps the most well-known seal of approval here in the UK. Seen here, and internationally, as a symbol of quality, products are given a score from 1 star to 3 stars – with 3 stars being awarded to products of only the very highest quality.

Sold Secure

In regard to security, the Sold Secure symbol is considered by many to be one of the best currently available. Awarded to products by the Master Locksmith Association and working in close consultation with various police authorities and insurance companies, the Sold Secure seal of approval is only given after products successfully pass some of the hardest and most demanding tests in the industry. As such, this seal is highly respected and a very good indication of a product’s security.

Secured by Design

Created by various UK police forces, Secured by Design is an initiative that focuses on using cutting-edge design and new materials to improve security – for everything from new homes to commercial properties and car parks. Working with the industry, the aim is to create products boasting the highest levels of security.

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