How Colour Can Be Used To Lift Your Home

How colour can be used to lift your home

Slowly but surely the days are beginning to get longer again, rewarding our homes with more natural light and it’s only a few weeks until the clocks go forward.

Thankfully, you can take the initiative and brighten up your home right now through the use of colour to enrich the space and leave it feeling and looking warm, both internally and externally.

Not sure what the best approach is to give it an exciting injection of colour? Let Joedan guide you through some of the different options.

Bright windows & doors

Colour can make such a difference in so many ways. It has the power to change your mood, make rooms feel more spacious and create a bold impression.

To use your living room, as an example. You could select a striking finish for your windows and doors, or choose a daring form of window treatment – how about some patterned curtains or lively looking blinds, or even a combination of both?

White can be too cold and muted for some, whereas a red hue of some kind for your windows and doors will give off a warmer feel, just what you want during the cold winter months in anticipation of the arrival of better weather.

A patterned curtain and window

Bright paint

It’s amazing what you can do with just a paint brush and pot of paint. Using them, you could very quickly reinvigorate the appearance of a feature wall, bookcase, TV stand, especially if you choose a finish that’s the total opposite to a classic cream, magnolia or ivory.

But don’t do anything too brash and choose colours that clash – placing a blue sofa close to a dazzling yellow backdrop will only work in very exceptional circumstances.

Analyse the colour wheel and pinpoint colours that best complement each other. They will often be adjacent on the spectrum and beautifully harmonise together. The adjoining colours of blue, green and cyan are proof of this and will do a great job of establishing a serene atmosphere.

A kitchen area

Bright accessories

To subtly experiment with colour, rather than make a large-scale change in colour scheme, introduce new shades through various soft furnishings, such as cushions, rugs and blankets.

Then you can keep updating these soft furnishings dependent on the season and won’t have to be committed to a certain colour choice over the long-term.

A bedroom area

At Joedan, we offer our Lusso aluminium in six house colours which will not affect the price.  Get a FREE copy of our various product brochures here to see our many colour options.

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