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Double Glazing And Triple Glazing - The Ins And Outs Of Both Options

When buying a brand-new set of replacement windows at Joedan, you may wish to ask the consultant about double glazed or triple glazed windows. 

Double Glazing

Triple glazing has been available from us for several years now, giving our customers more choice. 

Don’t be hasty with your decision. 

Ask the consultant about the various merits of double and triple glazing, before you go ahead and commit to either possibility. 

Alternatively, read the rest of this blog post and we’ll fill you in on much of what you need to know:


You will have seen some window companies advertise their triple glazed windows as ‘noise-reducing’. 

Triple glazed windows can do a good job of reducing the impact of external noise caused by traffic etc., but only when specified in a certain way. 

Each of the three glass panes need to have different thicknesses, and the cavities must also have contrasting thicknesses, for triple glazed windows to have any noise-reducing qualities. 


Your windows should protect your home at all times. 

All of our UPVC and aluminium double and triple glazed windows include a number of secure mechanisms.

For example, in their design is a multi-point lock, which, without a key, a burglar has very little chance of breaking. We also internally glaze the windows to prevent any of the glass panes being removed from outside of a property, which further reduces the likelihood of a break-in occurring. 


Our double glazed and triple glazed window units are filled with argon gas. Why is that significant, you may ask?

Because it helps with energy efficiency. So, any double or triple glazed windows you have installed by our fitters will make your home much warmer than it currently will be if you have poorly insulating windows, and they will save you lots of money on energy bills. 

If you need anything else answered about double or triple glazing, please get in touch with Joedan here.

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