How To Create A More Spacious Home For Summer

How To Make More Space At Home

In the modern abode, space is often at a premium, even more so if you have young children living with you.

When it gets to the point where you feel too closed in and it’s starting to trouble you, your automatic thought, if you can afford to, might be to either extend the building or move to a bigger house.

But there’s every chance you don’t need to and can re-establish space right in time for the summer with these hints and tricks.


When was the last time you decluttered your house, indeed, have you ever done it? It should be a relatively regular duty, and to make it less of a strenuous job, do it room-by-room and get other members of the household involved.

Go through your wardrobes and cupboards, and scan your shelves and floors to see what you can donate, recycle or throw out.

Once that’s done, look at storing what you have left more efficiently, whether that could mean boxing items and tucking them under a bed or going vertical and making more use of your walls.

A woman decluttering a house

Aluminium windows

Homes that receive lots of natural light and have light-coloured walls and reflective surfaces tend to be very welcoming and open spaces.

The glazed area in a Lusso aluminium window is much larger than the equivalent in a traditional window because of its slimline profile, and with more glass, comes more natural light.

Therefore, if you have windows with bulky frames, swap them for aluminium designs and watch the light pour in like never before.

Aluminium windows

Large glass door

Gardens come into their own in summer and you will be more inclined to use yours if you have a bi-folding door or some other form of sliding door integrated into the wall that connects your home to it.

With their fluent and effortless motion, you can make a big opening, which will pull cool air into your living space and the brightness of the sun.

Door products like our triple track patio doors have unbelievably trim frames, so it’s not just when they’re ajar that they will make a room feel that much bigger.

Bi-Folding Doors In A Living Space

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