3 Ways To Make A Big Saving On Your Energy Bills

3 ways to make a big saving on your energy bills

There is a global energy crisis right now and it’s seen UK household energy bills rise to an unprecedented level. With winter coming, the timing of it couldn’t be worse for families.

Switching suppliers won’t make any difference now, and it looks like there could be further price rises to come over the next 18 months or so.

This makes it more important than ever that you make your home as energy efficient as possible and become more energy ‘savvy’, wasting as little of it as you can.

Here are three tips to keep your bills financially manageable:

Get energy efficient windows and doors fitted

Old windows and doors account for roughly a quarter of heat loss in homes, so if you currently have single glazed windows and doors, they need upgrading as a matter of urgency.

The installation of new double or triple glazed windows and doors from Joedan will eradicate draughts, leaving your home feeling considerably warmer throughout, without your boiler needing to be overworked.

Our Lusso aluminium products are perfect for all weather conditions as they don’t twist or buckle and are thermal, making them an increasingly popular choice.  The design and strength of our aluminium means that frames can be thinner allowing more glass to be used which lets more light into your home.

An interior shot of a window

Invest in a new boiler

It won’t help your cause if you have an old boiler because it won’t offer a high standard of energy efficiency in comparison to a new model, and it will also be more likely to break down.

Yes, the initial cost of buying a new boiler may not seem cheap, but it will be a fantastic long-term investment.

Upgrading to an A-rated boiler could help you save around £350 on your bills every single year and it should last for 10-15 years. Those savings will really add up over time.

A boiler being inspected

Buy some efficient appliances

Like windows and doors, most home appliances are energy labelled, from A (very good) to G (very poor), e.g., fridge, freezer, washing machine, oven, kettle.

Some of these appliances are constantly switched on and others are used frequently, so you need the most efficient appliances you can afford that will be cheap to run.

The more energy efficient an appliance is, the more it will cost, but again, the long-term savings to be gained from the investment are what you should think about.

A kitchen

You will find our replacement energy efficient windows and doors to be very affordable when you request a FREE quote.

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