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3 Differences Between Bi-Folding Doors And Patio Doors

3 differences between bi-folding doors and patio doors

Hasn’t the weather been beautiful recently! Let’s hope for more of the same over the rest of the summer as there’s no doubt that bright, warm and sunny weather puts that extra spring in your step. 

Why not beckon the feeling of summer into your living space through the use of either a bi-folding door or patio door, two ultra-luxurious door solutions that when both open or closed, will draw it in. 

Our bi-folding doors and patio doors are unique. 

Made using our exclusive Lusso aluminium, the two products share many characteristics – they’re incredibly slim, incredibly lightweight, incredibly secure and incredibly easy to manoeuvre. 

But there are some small differences between the two products:

Full / Partial Opening

You can remove a full wall with a bi-folding door as when you slide it open, the various door leaves fold together like a concertina at the end of the track. 

The opening of a patio door sees one of the door panes slide neatly behind the other, and whilst it won’t create a full wall opening, it will still be a very generous opening. 

You also get minimum frame and maximum glazing in the patio door panes, like you do in the door panes of our bi-folds, so light transference will not be compromised when the patio door is fully extended.

An opened aluminium bi-folding door


If a bi-folding door is a bit bulky for your liking, a Lusso triple track patio door has unbelievably slim-frame sashes. Their smooth sliding action ensures they naturally save space, to give you the perfect opening. 

However, ‘bulky’ isn’t a word we’d use to describe our bi-folds, not by any stretch of the imagination. 

They have super-slim frames too, and will still give you a wonderful feeling of spaciousness internally each time they’re opened.

An opened UPVC patio door

Outdoor view

The view you have of your garden from indoors may be important to you. 

Depending on the size of the opening and whether you opt for a large bi-folding door or a triple track patio door, remember the sightlines on both when shut, as this may influence your final decision?

But, as we’ve already mentioned, our aluminium frames are tremendously slender, so your outdoor view won’t be spoiled, no matter which form of door is installed. 

Whether you choose a bi-folding door or patio door is very much a lifestyle choice and comes down to what suits you most. Whichever of the two you buy, you, and your home, will be all the better for it.

A living space with bi-folding doors

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