Why Modern Windows Have Trickle Vents And What Their Purpose Is

Why Modern Windows Have Trickle Vents And What Their Purpose Is

Back in June, a change in UK Building Regulations and Approved Document F made the inclusion of trickle vents in all replacement windows a legal requirement.

If you don’t know what a trickle vent is, which is totally understandable for someone not directly involved in our industry, let us explain that to you first.

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About Trickle Vents

Although the energy efficiency levels of contemporary windows are much higher than they were in the past, their integration into properties has caused a diminishing of natural ventilation within homes, which can result in a build-up of damp.

That is why it has now become compulsory that trickle vents be added to windows.

Joedan offers the addition of trickle vents in three different ways.

Method A shows a cross-section of the trickle vent through the frame of the window. Method B shows a cross-section of a trickle vent fitted through an add-on which is added to the head of the frame. Method C shows a cross-section of the trickle vent fitted through the opening sash of the window.

Trickle vent drawingsThe trickle vent itself is a device usually fitted at the top of a window, a small opening that’s intended to allow small pockets of ventilation to enter a room to improve its air quality. This can also minimise pollutants.

As a responsible window installer, Joedan’s entire replacement window range comes with trickle vents so that it conforms to the new guidelines. When you buy new replacement windows from us, we will also advise you on the most suitable form of trickle vents for the product.

The only instances where trickle vents are not obligatory for replacement windows is when they are being installed in Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and in buildings that have heat recovery systems.

This flowchart nicely explains things for you, with regards to trickle vents.

Trickle vent flowchartOther than those exceptions, trickle vents need to be included in replacement windows, no matter if your current windows have trickle vents or they don’t. If they do have trickle vents, it is important that the trickle vents in your new windows are the same or offer a better standard of performance.

You will be accountable for failing to comply with the rules, and if you don’t, it could also make selling your house problematic, as a completion certificate gets handed to you for a replacement window project that satisfies the necessary regulations.

We can explain trickle vents in more detail to you over the phone or why not come for a chat about them in one of our Design Centres, where you can also see our various window collections.

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