3 Great Home Improvement Ideas For Smaller Properties

3 home improvement ideas for smaller homes


Space is hard to come by in a lot of British homes, which isn’t a massive surprise due to the fact that the average size of a new-build home in the UK has decreased by 20% over the last four decades. 

Hopefully, new-builds won’t get any smaller in the future, but who knows, they might as it makes properties cheaper to build for housing developers and means they can construct more of them. 

It’s important to make the most of every single inch of space if your home interior is on the small side, by both decluttering regularly, and also employing tricks that make your home feel spacious. 

Joedan can let you into a few of these clever tricks:

Hang mirrors on walls

You will probably have heard of this trick before, but it can work brilliantly if the right type of mirrors are installed in the right places. 

Rather than buying loads of little mirrors and joining them all together on a wall, it’s better to purchase some larger mirrors with small surrounds. 

If you can, fit your mirrors near a window, away from a ceiling edge, and try to get the centre of the mirrors at the eye-level of an average-sized person.


Use light colour schemes in rooms

A room will feel brighter and roomier when you have a light colour scheme that reflects the natural light that enters into it and doesn’t absorb it. 

If a brilliant white finish is a bit too boring for your liking, an off-white shade will create a warmer effect and also establish the feeling of space. 

Apply it to any walls that you keep mirror-free, and it’s worth also painting the ceiling, trims and any doors in your chosen colour too.

Paintbrushing a wall

Install bi-folding, French or patio doors

Why not extend your home into your garden, and vice-versa, on those warm summer days, if you have some outdoor space? To achieve that, it requires the addition of bi-folding, French or patio doors. 

Every time that you fold, push or slide open your choice of door, it will unite the two settings and merge them into one considerably-sized living area. 

Putting them in an open position will also lead to a huge amount of natural light filling your interior, and when in the closed position, they will still transport a high volume of light indoors, because of their vast glass expanses and slender frames.

A partly open bi-folding door

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