How To Give Your Home Exterior An Eerie Look For Halloween

How To Give Your Home Exterior An Eerie Look For Halloween

Watch out! It’s slowly creeping up on us again!

We’re talking about Halloween, of course, and it’s time to enter into the spirit of things and try to send a chill up the spines of people in the neighbourhood by making the outside of your house look frightfully good in time for the year’s spookiest of days.

Instead of just doing the usual thing of carving some pumpkins and putting them in your entrance or front window, try some of these other toe-curling decorating ideas.

Bewitching Touches

The neighbours and your house guests will be spell-bound by the sight of a pair of witch shoes and a broom sitting at your front door.

A sign displayed outside that says “free flying lessons” or “potions on sale” will also have them cackling and make your house one of the scariest around.

This will coincide nicely with the recent release of Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+ and go down a storm with the kids.

sign and broomstick

Window Stickers

A very affordable, easy and bloodcurdling way of making those trick-or-treaters tread carefully as they make their way to your entrance is to place some stickers of wicked witches, spiders or scary skeletons on your windows.

If you don’t want them to give any little ones too much of a fright, you can get stickers of Casper the friendly ghost, which will be a bit less hair-raising.

Two boys in a Halloween themed extension

Spell Out Some Menacing Messages

With the nights quickly drawing in and the clocks going back just before Halloween, a light box will beautifully glow in your windows.

In the run-up to the 31st October, why not keep adding different ominous and side-splitting messages and puns to the box to raise terror or a titter.

The light box can carry on being used after Halloween, such as counting down the days to Christmas on it.

Trick or treat written on a light box

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