3 Ways You Can Improve The Valuation Of Your Property

3 Ways You Can Improve The Valuation Of Your Property

The housing market is full of uncertainties at the moment. With many people spending more time at home and switching to flexible working practices, homeowners are now looking for properties to fit their altered needs.

This unique situation provides an opportunity for those wishing to sell their property, if they can offer what buyers are looking for. If you are planning to sell your home in the not too distant future, there are some small changes you can make ahead of putting your property on the market, which will ensure you get the best sale price possible.

Make A Great First Impression With Your Front Door

First impressions are key. The exterior of your house is the first thing potential buyers will take note of. Improving the area in front of your house could be as simple as adding hanging baskets or repainting the front door.

Better still, add a new front door. The front door is the gateway to your safe haven, and it is important that it is inviting. Whether you opt for Joedan’s Solid Core, Aluminium or UPVC doors, you can choose from a variety of striking colours and styles that vary from classic to contemporary.

A grey front door

Consider Double Or Triple Glazing

Not everyone has the luxury (or the inclination) of living away from roads in faraway remote locations. One of the top reasons for disregarding a property is noise. 

Whether it is caused by traffic or just neighbourhood children, many potential buyers may be put off by some of this distraction, especially if they are planning a home office.

This can be easily rectified by adding double or triple glazed windows. Not only will double and triple glazing block out street noise, but it will better insulate your home and reduce your energy bills.

A window with an oak coloured finish

Choose Aluminium Windows

Updating your windows is a great way to refresh both the exterior and interior of your home, potentially adding thousands to your house valuation. Sleek and modern, it is no surprise that aluminium windows are an extremely popular choice for windows. 

In addition, due to the strong but incredibly lightweight material, the frames can be slim, maximising the space for glass. This means that natural light will be in abundance. A home with natural light is one of the top selling-points for potential buyers.

The inside of a grey aluminium window

It is clear that everyone is reassessing what they want in a home. If you can anticipate this before putting your house on the market you can save time and money, ensure it has widespread buyer appeal, and it is likely you will be pleasantly surprised with the valuation of your home.

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