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Condensation – an old adversary

With the colder weather creeping in, the difference in temperature inside and outside our homes is increasing. Of course, the colder it gets, the warmer we want our homes to be. However, this can lead to the formation of condensation.

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Often found on the inside of surfaces such as windows, condensation is created when there is an increase of water vapour in the air. Caused by an increase in central heating use, as well as clothes being dried indoors and hot cooking, condensation becomes more of an issue as we enter autumn and winter.

However, condensation can also often be an indication of a home’s poor insulation or insufficient heating system. Whilst harmless if fixed, short-term condensation can damage furniture and finishing. Meanwhile, longer-term condensation can result in the forming of black mould which can be harmful to your health.

For home owners in and around Gloucestershire, there are a number of small things you can do to reduce the build-up of condensation in your home. Firstly, always try to dry your clothes outside as much as possible. This of course becomes less-easier as the cold weather increases, but the wind does have an effect and it will also minimise the time your clothing spends drying indoors. Secondly, when doing something that generates a lot of extra heat in a short period of time, such as cooking, showering or running a bath, always try to open a nearby window a little – allowing the extra water vapor created to escape outside rather than collecting on the inside of your windows and walls. Other tips include leaving pan lids on whenever possible, as well as using an extractor fan – again to prevent any additional water vapour collecting in your home.

If your condensation problem is more serious, and no matter what you do, it still continues to form, then you may need to think about improving your home’s insulation. This can include new, modern double and triple-glazed windows which can significantly improve your home’s insulation and eliminate the build-up of condensation.

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