Tilt and turn windows have helped revolutionise the way we view and use windows; originating from the desire to provide homes with more fresh air and give people more control over their space.

These incredible windows have proven so popular not just because of their versatility and practicality, but also the empowering nature they give users. The unique hinge design of tilt and turn windows means you can use them in various different ways. Turn the handle once and only the top opens, locking into place. This means you can control the amount of fresh air entering your home even when you are not there, and all without the worry of security or what the weather is doing outside.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Turn the handle once more and the side hinge swings into action; allowing it to open fully inward and thereby providing even more ventilation, as well as easy access for cleaning.

Always striving to reduce how much tilt and turn windows cost, we are proud to offer cheap tilt and turn windows that do not compromise on quality or style, available in an assortment of colours and finishes.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows
UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows


Once you have made a decision on your chosen window style, the fun can really begin. Choose from our wide selection of colours, glazing options and intricate hardware to customise your windows to your complement the look of your home.

An inspiring assortment of colours…

You will be stunned by how astonishingly good our aluminium colours look. A robust powder-coating process is what gives them that all-important durability and richness in texture so that when applied to the frame they truly sparkle. The beauty of RAL aluminium coloured windows is that they can be dual coloured and usually come in a choice of gloss or matt  finish.

Our house colours are featured, however we can offer you over 150+ colours, giving you complete artistic licence to find the right style and colour for you and your home.

Glazing options for all your needs…

If you are looking to increase privacy in your home, our privacy glazing can do just that. This type of glazing is particularly useful in bathrooms. Despite the fact it blocks out the outside world, natural light is still able to pass through the glass successfully.

Meticulously crafted handles...

Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary handles, we have it all. You’ll find that each one of our handles have been intricately crafted by experienced craftspeople.

A locking system has been constructed in each handle so that your windows will stay securely fastened.

Inline Window Handles


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Tilt & turn windows are a popular choice with homeowners thanks to their versatility and style. Find out more about what makes these replacement windows a popular choice, if you have any other questions contact our friendly team or visit your nearest design centre.

What makes tilt and turn windows so popular?

The versatility of tilt and turn windows is why they are so beloved.

Householders with young children are very attracted to tilt and turn windows as they have a most unorthodox opening function.

A half turn of the handle upwards lets you tilt the window slightly inwards to create a small gap at the top for limited ventilation, which prevents kids from attempting to climb out. A horizontal turning of the handle causes the window to open inwards to maximise ventilation, also simplifying the process of cleaning the windows, enabling you to do it on safe ground, handy if you live in a high-rise apartment or for windows located on an upper level.

The slight inward tilt of the window doesn’t enhance the risk of burglary, far from it, and it’s incredibly hard to force it open, safeguarding your security.

How do you open a tilt and turn window?

A tilt and turn window’s opening options are easy to accomplish.

You can operate a tilt and turn window in either of two methods.

It can tilt through the opening of the window inwardly on a slight tilt, aided by the window’s bottom hinges. This is nice for letting a restricted amount of ventilation indoors, all whilst enjoying privacy, security, and weather protection.

The turning option results in the window fully opening inwards on its side hinges, in a similar fashion to the opening of a door, making it easy for you to clean the outside of the window as you can do it from the inside of your house. You get lots of ventilation this way too and a fantastically undisturbed view.

A 180-degree turn of the handle allows the inward tilt to engage, with a 90-degree turn permitting the inward opening of the window. Opening the window in either method will be a smooth process. There is no facility to open the window outwardly.

Can you still use blinds with tilt and turn windows?

Blinds can work as a window covering for tilt and turn designs.

Are you worried that a set of blinds will interfere with the opening and closing of a tilt and turn window? There’s no need to be as there is a solution to this.

Fixing blinds to the window frame rather than the recess will stop them becoming an obstruction and getting in the way as they will move with the window. If you were to fix blinds to the recess of a tilt and turn window, it would make opening the window difficult because they would just collide with the design.

Some blinds can be clipped into the beading of a tilt and turn window frame without the need for screws or anything like that. Bottom-up and top-down blinds also have an adjustability that’s ideally suited to tilt and turn windows.

How secure are tilt & turn windows?

One of the most secure window solutions you can buy.

We can understand why someone may express concern about the secure credentials of a tilt and turn window because of the generously wide opening you can achieve with it. That needn’t be any cause for concern though as it outstrips some window styles in the area of security due to its exceedingly robust hardware (it very much needs this to function as it does) and multi-point lock.

The hinges that allow the window to be swung inwards can be equally relied upon to fend off external force when it’s closed, and in tilt mode, it’s just about impossible to pull or force it open.

Can I have tilt and turn windows in a listed property?

Local council consent is needed to replace windows at a listed property.

Strict rules are in place for window upgrades at listed properties (those of ‘special architectural or historic interest’) to ensure that replacement window designs don’t damage their original character.

Always consult with your local council before proceeding with a window installation at a listed residence, including if you propose having modern tilt and turn windows fitted.

They must consent to the works and are more likely to grant permission if the tilt and turn windows are in the same mould in style as your existing windows.

Joedan can confer with your local authority on your behalf to outline to them your plans for a change of windows.


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