Condensation – an old adversary

Nov 13, 2018

With the colder weather creeping in, the difference in temperature inside and outside our homes is increasing. Of course, the colder it gets, the warmer we want our homes to be. However, this can lead to the formation of condensation. Often found on the inside...

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Stuck between style or security? – Why not have both?

Oct 9, 2018

For the longest time, it often seemed that home owners needed to make a choice, having the home of their dreams in terms of appearance, or one that erred more towards security. Thankfully, following improvements in design, materials and manufacturing processes, products have now begun...

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Getting the Look you Want for Your Home

Sep 12, 2018

In the past, when you wanted to make a change to your home, such as creating a fantastic new extension or replacing old, inefficient windows, you were often restricted in the work you could have done. However, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques and the introduction...

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Transform your home quickly and easily with an incredible new extension!

Aug 10, 2018

Whereas in the past, building work such as extensions were often messy, expensive and complicated affairs, breakthroughs in technology now mean modern extensions are a completely different experience. Perhaps the biggest change is that homeowners in and around Gloucestershire and Wiltshire can now view and...

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Make the most of your Gloucestershire home this Summer…

Jul 2, 2018

With the hot weather looking to continue for the rest of the summer, there has never been a better or easier time to bring the beautiful outdoors into your home. Providing homeowners in the Cotswolds and surrounding areas with an unrivalled selection of home improvements...

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Secure Cotswolds Homes Through Better Home Improvements

Jun 7, 2018

When we think about the security of our homes, we often focus on alarm systems – is it connected to the local police? Is it loud enough? Etc. However, less thought is often given to the quality of the windows and doors in our homes....

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Refresh Your Conservatory with New Doors

Apr 26, 2018

One of the quickest and most effective ways for people in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds and the rest of the UK to update their conservatories is to replace the doors. Whilst this may not sound drastic, changing the doors in your conservatory can actually be...

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Easter Holiday Events In Gloucestershire For You And All The Family

Mar 21, 2018

With the smell of Spring in the air, signalling warmer weather and brighter days, there’s no better opportunity to spend some special time with all the family. Thankfully, with the Easter holidays afoot there’s plenty of events in Gloucestershire for you to take advantage of....

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What To Do In Gloucestershire This February Half-Term

Feb 7, 2018

If you’ve got little ones then you’re probably eager to find out ways you can keep them entertained this February half-term. Of course, there’s the usual solutions, but once you’ve exhausted the cinema, local park and colouring in books you might want to look elsewhere....

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7 Ways To Keep Fit In Gloucestershire This New Year

Jan 23, 2018

As we delve deeper into the new year the reality behind the resolutions becomes a little more apparent. It’s not easy to stick to impractical goals that claim you’ll be at the gym every day and only eat healthy foods. However, if keeping fit is...

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